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By age One, a human being's brain doubles in size and forms synapses -connections between neurons- at a faster rate that it will ever be. Early brain development is the foundation of human ADAPTABILITY and RESILIENCE, giving us an important window of opportunity to possitively affect these brains in order to MAXIMIZE our little ones chances for ACHIEVEMENT, SUCCESS, and HAPPINESS for the rest of their lives. In the Baby Sensory Place, we are establishing the bases for our kids futures.

We are a Development space created to LEARN, PLAY and GROW together INTELLECTUALLY, EMOTIONALLY and SOCIALLY located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. A Parent & Me Learning Studio, looking to provide an exceptional environment that will allow you to bond and aid in the development of your Baby, while helping you with the Parenting Journey.

We are a Family of Parents looking to maximize our children's potential through hundreds of multisensorial early developmental activities, parenting workshops and support groups.

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